What to Wear/Bring


High School Seniors:
Bring more clothing than you need. Choose solid colors, no large patterns. Bring black, white or solid pastel tops/dresses and solid bottoms(black, khaki or jeans). Girls, avoid sleeveless tops and loose fitting dresses. For full length shots, shoes should match the clothing. Each outfit should be organized on one hanger. For example, jewelry, accessories and shoes in plastic bag hung on same hanger with outfit. Avoid shiny jewelry and extra large earrings. Boys, coat and coordinating shirt and tie required for formal portraits. We provide tuxedo jackets and tie, if desired. Alternative would be a solid sweater. White shirts to be worn only under a jacket.... White or ivory colored clothing is a must for high-key white background portraits. Cap and gown portraits available upon request. Call studio to confirm we have your school colors, we will order if needed.

Make-up should be applied before arrival and is recommended...even for boys. If you have an oily complexion, powder works best. Bring concealer and powder with you, if possible. Hair should be styled naturally. Avoid new hairstyles or cuts...allow two weeks before scheduled appointment. Stay out of the sun for at least one week before photo session. Avoid strap marks, they can be removed for an additional charge. Please let the photographer know if you want moles, freckles, scars or tatoos removed from your photographs.

Bring your musical instruments, uniforms, sports equipment or any items that make you, YOU.

Family Portraits:

Clothing color recommendations will be based on location or background selection. Solid colors or mini prints recommended. Avoid sleeveless tops and loose fitting clothing. Wearing of identical colors not necessary. Same color, all pastels or all jewel tones work well with large group portraits.